Of Blades Prime

Into the Cortana Maze

The party met with Al, who formally introduced himself as Alastair Ultman, Emperor of Layton, and recieved proper introductions from the party. He was suprised to find that he knew the alleged kidnapper of Sterling Deguire, but quickly discarded the issue. He led the party up to the Crast Manor in upper level, where all of the allies of the Emporer were gathered. For the first time since the emperor was founded, a Drahcir (Draco), held a position beside the Emperor, offering advice on how to combat magic.

The challenge the city had was given to the party was to infiltrate the Vallcest Manor and kill Millien, his followers, and disable his Dimension Door ritual.

The party was split before they could move. Elric took Vincent, Dyno, Murdock, and the two Saints with him back into the Lower Quarter for his own purpose.

The remaining members: Trive, Drake, Lia, and Sterling traveled into Valcest Manor, only to find themselves within an Elven ritual trap, the “Cortana Maze”, which was what was allowing Millien to attack from 3 locations at once. The maze took peices of the Mage’s Guild, Vallcest Manor, and Deguire Estate and twisted them together, bending space around a series of locations, linking them out of their natural order. A Cortana Maze was traditionally used to protect sacred elven forests in the past. The party was able to navigate the maze after some trial and error, and eventually made their way toward the center.

In the center of the maze they found Luke Deguire, bearing a Shadow Shard no doubt bestowed on him by Millien, and Dresden. The two were left by Millien to guard the center of the maze, which held the ritual circle that powered the Cortana Maze. The party focused their efforts primarily on the ritual circle, and severely damaged it, causing the maze to start collapsing on itself. The imminent danger forced Dresden to flee, but the collapsing ritual was luckily stopped by Lia’s Prime Blade soon after. Luke was forced to face the party alone. Surrounded, he was only able to wound Drake and Sterling with his eerie black short sword. After his defeat, Trive claimed the Shadow Shard for his own.

Return to Layton
March 10, 2011

The party has returned to Layton after hearing evidence of Millien’s intent to inherit the power of Tiamat sealed within the Frigid Prime Blade. The trip back to the city was made at great haste, taking only 2 days overland and 3 days by ship.
Upon nearing the city the party noticed the Deguire fleet out at sea, visible from the dock. The party stormed the dock and found Mages Guild members controlling Hobgoblins and assisted by a Rage Drake taking the last of the dock’s defenders. They defeated this threat, including the three superiorly trained mages, and quickly moved into the city toward the guild hall of the Iron Wolves. There they met Murdock and Jauffre defending the guild alongside a recovering victim of the initial attack, Triv. The combined force moved toward the Upper Gate, minus Scrat who was sent to retrieve the parties loot wagon to help supply the city’s defenders.
Defending the main gate, the party was reunited with Al bearing the royal greatsword “Legacy”. The party assisted in breaking the assault.

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