Of Blades Prime

Return to Layton

March 10, 2011

The party has returned to Layton after hearing evidence of Millien’s intent to inherit the power of Tiamat sealed within the Frigid Prime Blade. The trip back to the city was made at great haste, taking only 2 days overland and 3 days by ship.
Upon nearing the city the party noticed the Deguire fleet out at sea, visible from the dock. The party stormed the dock and found Mages Guild members controlling Hobgoblins and assisted by a Rage Drake taking the last of the dock’s defenders. They defeated this threat, including the three superiorly trained mages, and quickly moved into the city toward the guild hall of the Iron Wolves. There they met Murdock and Jauffre defending the guild alongside a recovering victim of the initial attack, Triv. The combined force moved toward the Upper Gate, minus Scrat who was sent to retrieve the parties loot wagon to help supply the city’s defenders.
Defending the main gate, the party was reunited with Al bearing the royal greatsword “Legacy”. The party assisted in breaking the assault.


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